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Food for fun!

Feeding a crowd? Planning an event? Let us take care of it!

Order fatbacks bbq to make your next occasion a smashing hit and tasteful!




Get out of the smoke and enjoy the party! It's on us.

Do you want to enjoy the party you're hosting instead of fighting grill fires and being trapped in the kitchen? Well, we make it simple. 

If you want to be the star of the show at any business meeting, teachers conference, wedding reception or park gathering, it's real simple: Barbecue. Your friends, colleagues, and coworkers will go absolutely crazy when you show up with some of the most tender, juicy,  succulent barbecue. 

Fatbacks offers endless options for catering including our full menu and even special items on request! From gorgeous, shinning, ribs to smoke infused salmon filets to pineapple crusted smoked hams, we have a variety for any party-- for the whole block or just in your backyard-- we can make it happen.

Contact us and we'll do all of the hard figuring so you can just sit back, relax, and finish planning the party that people will be talking about for years to come!


Food for the Group!

What's it all worth?

How long are you going to settle for eating mediocre barbecue? How many enjoyable hours are you loosing by sweating to prepare tons of food?

 How do you go about planning the amount of food needed for your event? What will your party be without amazing food? Does the food that you serve your family matter?

Not having the right food for your event can cost you more than just your money.



"If there's bar-be-que out there better than Fatbacks I haven't found it yet. Better than Supersmokers in St.Louis and better than Central Bar-be-que in Memphis. Both fine establishment but Fatbacks stands alone. The folks that own Fatbacks can close up and go on vacation for a week and when they come back there will be people waiting at the door. That should tell you something. Don't take my word. Stop by. If you don't like it you ain't right."

Bruce Marshall


our unique process

Being in the barbecue business is no easy feat. The long hours of work, overnight preparation, and continuous monitoring of the meats makes our job arduous; nevertheless, and hopefully you can agree, it's worth it. We place passion behind everything we do in order to make an experience for our customers that is unique, innovative, and enlightening. 

We start our process off by firing up our smoker on Monday evening. After cleaning and prepping our top of the line meats, we infuse our meats with our own weekly-made rub and let the smoking begin. After nearly 18-20 hours, our meat is just pretty and tasty enough to pull off of the smoker and put it on your plate. From there, the smoke doesn't end. Smoking non-stop until Sunday.