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The items listed below are all available in our restaurant. Here we give an overview of them so you can know what they're about!

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Fatbacks "Sweet-heat" original sauce 

Fatback's very own hand-made sauce. It takes Devin nearly a couple of painstaking hours to make, but he makes it happen anyway.

This sauce carries just the right amount of sweet along with the perfect amount of heat in order to bring you a sauce that is like no other barbecue sauce before . 

We mix a collage of spices and ingredients to shape up what we think is just the right sauce for just about anything. Especially barbecue! Lick the Jar clean, no leaving any of this decadent sauce behind! 

Fatback's tangy kicker sauce

This sauce is for our heat lovers. We've warmed it up for you just a bit! This sauce has a different flavor base and is a little more of a North Carolina vinegar style sauce. Now, it's not too hot. But there is a little punch…from about the size of an eight year old kid...!

This sauce is not as complex as our original, but it still has quite a number of ingredients. We mix this up by hand, ensuring that the taste is what you want every single time.



Fatback's rub

This is our sugar and spice. We use this delectable seasoning for just about anything! Our unique 14-spice rub is hand made everyday in order to bring you, the customer, the ultimate joy with delighting your taste buds.

Take this home and season up some of your own foods! Don't be threatened by bland food anymore!

Fatbacks Tee

Swag with the Fatback's team! Wear one of these bad boys in public and you will for sure bring yourself some attention!
Rock a shirt with the rest of us to let the world know what they're missing out on!


Don't forget about the food!!!

What's a good time without food...?! A bad time. You don't want to stay hungry forever.

Give us a call and change the way your family feels about dinner!