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BBQ Doesn’T Have to be so Heavy!


Healthy Choices to Kick-start your year

At Fatbacks BBQ, we have Tons of options that allow our customers the ability to eat Great food, without being so unhealthy!

Feel Free to browse our menu and see what works for your diet! Going No carb? No problem! Dive into any one of our Meat selections! Tracking those macros? Absolutely!

Check out our menu for all of the options!


Some Options!

Just a few of the delicious choices that we have that work well with your diet!


Pulled POrk Platter

Our pork has all of the fat removed from the meat! Being one of our leanest meats out there, you should have no problem fitting this into your no carb Routine!

Delicious, hand-pulled pork, that is just oh so tender in your mouth. Easy to eat with little to no mess. Great for any sit-down meal or Grab and go lunch!

This platter comes with 2 sides and cornbread! if you want to skip the cornbread, we’ve got pickles! but if you’re due for some carbs right after a workout, use it to rebuild.

Beef Brisket

Our succulent beef brisket. a meal in its own.

You can get this, just like our pulled pork, in platter form, sandwich, or by the pound. Beef brisket is like a steak… but better. mostly lean, tender, and packed with flavor. This meat would be perfect for any meal. Just add some of our veggies and you’ve got a killer healthy combo.

Add this meat to your diet and you will question why you waited so long to do so… so what are you waiting on???



SMokin’ Chicken

A beautifully flavored piece of meat that is not the same old “grilled chicken.”

This option will change your life. Lean, flavorful, and delectable. So take a break from the grilled chicken and try some smoked chicken. Being on a diet, flavors can get awful bland.

Buy some of this and pack it up for the rest of the week’s lunches or come in and grab it on the run!


just a few of the many choices we have for you while you are on your diet.

We make dieting feel like a joy!


some healty side Choices



This side dish is one of the most filling and tasty veggies you can find. They are unique to their taste and flavor, so it’s a nice change having them in between all of your salads!

Packed with flavor and full of healthy complex carbs, this veggie will give you all that you need to succeed in your diet.

Green Beans

Another classic… Green beans. but not just green beans. A tantalizing combination of flavors that provide nutrients and enjoyment in every bite, something that not all green beans can accomplish.

Use these for that afternoon, hold-over, snack while still not trying to do too much damage!


Cottage Cheese

Light. Simple. Easy. What else can you ask for?


Don’t limit yourself on food options this year. We have all the food that you need to diet right!

Questions? We’d be happy to help! Give us a call!