Fatbacks Smokin’ Racks

901 North 24th St.

Quincy, Il, 62301





Since opening our doors to you in June of 2012, Fatbacks bbq has strived to provide you with a restaurant of taste, comfort, and family.

Our team always carry smiles, warmth, and a friendliness that will make you feel like family! Relish in a laughter filled adventure while admiring the playful signs we've placed on our walls from all over the country!

You just sit back, relax, and enjoy time with the family.


Don Benz

"Cute, charming little place. Easy parking.Great people."

our team

At Fatbacks bbq, WE do things a little differently. Our team isn’t just our “employees,” they are our family. We work side-by-side everyday with them.  We long to inspire, motivate, and love our team because they are the reason that we can bring you all our best product possible.

Our team is fully equipped to make your barbecue experience the best one yet!

But here, get to know who is making your food yourself!!!

Currently on our team: 

Donnie and Princess- Husband and Wife and owners and full-time workers:)

Austin-oldest son, full time plate maker.

Alex-3rd oldest son, you'll see him at the counter.

Devin-he's our baby, the sauce BOSS. And usually he does just about everything and takes over for when were not there.

Jaime-QU college grad, going into law school, he plates your orders and preps your food.

Johannes-QU law student, he is another one of our lightening order makers.

Nathan- The new kid.

Connor-A long lost cousin of ours! He works to prepare the food for the next day.

Austin R.-Our newby. He's a QU law student as well as a football player. He holds down the back with Connor and Devin.

Aaron- He works in the middle with orders and the sides.

Blane-Our young buck. He's small but he packs a punch!



Some thoughts...

"An absolute delight! Wonderful southern BBQ in Illinois! Family owned and operated! Our new favorite restaurant."

-TripAdvisor reviewer

"If you want hometown bbq and the fixens, Fatback's is the place to go. Decent prices and plenty of food!"

–-TripAdvisor reviewer

"First timer and definatley not a last timer! I am super picky about BBQ and Fatbacks knows BBQ!! IMPRESSED!!!"

-TripAdvisor reviewer


In the beginning

So it all started in 2006. One family, 3 grills, one event, and one trophy--people's choice. Donnie Osborne has spent years cooking on his own, learning the ways of the kitchen from no other than his father and, well, a good amount of experimentation! If nothing else, he always loved to prepare delicious foods for others, whether that be for his wife and kids or judges at a competition.

But on this day in 2006, we didn't win it all. No, not quite. But we did receive one of the most treasurable awards, People's Choice. After this day, our family and team set out with a blazing passion to better our best and after years of undeterred competing, create the product that we now plate up every single day.

Deciding that starting a restaurant would be best for our family, Donald and Princess Osborne took to the ropes and became scholars at the art they were trying to perfect. In 2012, Fatback's Smokin' Racks was birthed and today remains as one of the most highly regarded restaurants in Quincy.  

And, just for the books, the next year at that competition, we won. Grand Champion. 


The  very  beginning of our adventure with our family!

The very beginning of our adventure with our family!