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"fatbacks bbq-Best barbecue for miles. Unlike anything else!"

Harlem Wizards






Our THICK-cut spare ribs are hand-cut everyday by our hardworking men in the back. After we encapsulate them in smoke for 4-6 hours, they come off of the pit shining with their beautiful cherry color.

We finish them off on the grill right before we serve them to you by caramelizing it on the grill in either our original sweet-heat sauce or with our Memphis-dry marinade and our Fatback's rub. 



Quarter, Half, and Full Racks

  • All rib platters are served with your choice of two sides and cornbread



pulled pork



Our succulent and juicy pork shoulder, smoked for 18-20 hours. Nuff said. 

But we'll continue anyway. After smoking, we hand-pull this unbelievably tender meat and put it right on your platter to eat. We serve is A la carte, with no sauce, because we let the meat speak for itself. Now, you can be the judge.


The dishes

Sandwiches, platters, and by the pound

  • All sandwiches are served with one side and a pickle

  • All platters are served with two sides and cornbread


Beef Brisket



Our aged choice beef brisket is smoked to perfection for approximately 18-20 hours before it takes full beauty. After its long nap in the smoker, some wrap, and a good seasoning, we slice it, and hand deliver it to you with no regrets.

Now burnt ends, thats another story!


The Dishes:

Sandwiches, platters, and by the pound.

  • All sandwiches are served with one side and a pickle.

  • All platters are served with two sides and cornbread.






Now our chicken is just a little bit different. If you were expecting some wimpy little shredded chicken, you've come to the wrong place. We give you an entire half of a bird! We smoke these babies anywhere from three to five hours and they come off the pit looking gorgeous. Dare to indulge. 


The dishes:

Platters, boxes, and by the bird.

  • Our platters and boxes both come with two sides and cornbread.

  • By the bird comes a la carte, sauced.



OUR Specialties 



our own original creations

With our specialty items, we have a wide range and variety of unique dishes! Starting with our very own Fatback sandwich, as you see above. But we do more than just sandwiches.

How much more you say? A lot.

We have everything from BBQ Nachos, to BBQ Spaghetti, BBQ Potato's, and even to our very own Smoked Turkey Ribs! 

The options, well, they're endless!